Nurse Leadership Opportunities

If you have been wondering what it would be like to work as a nurse leader at MWHC, now is your chance to hear it directly from Eileen Dohmann, our Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer. 

We invite you to sign up to confidentially chat with Eileen about our RN leadership opportunities. Discover our innovative and creative nursing styles and learn how you can continue to elevate your career.

What makes MWHC a great place to be a nurse leader? Here’s what some of our Associates have to say:
“Teamwork and the opportunity to lead and help my team excel. The resiliency of our teams is remarkable. We have been faced with so many challenges and changes, and we have risen to the occasion to care for our community." 
~Renee, Nurse Manager 3N Cardiac Care Unit
“Working to achieve great outcomes and providing exceptional care to the Fredericksburg community.”
~Marga, Director Critical Care Services
"It is a difficult time to be a leader in healthcare, but it is so rewarding with the support of fellow nurse leaders and to be able to pick up the phone and ‘phone a friend’ whenever needed.”
~Renee, Nurse Manager 3N Cardiac Care Unit
"During the pandemic, we were faced with several complex challenges throughout the healthcare system.  We leveraged those challenges as an opportunity to be a catalyst for change."
~Morinda, Nurse Manager Neuroscience


At MWHC, we are focused on teamwork and collaboration, allowing us to achieve great outcomes while empowering our healthcare professionals to work towards a common goal. 

As a nurse leader, you are in a unique position to impact the changing world of healthcare.   And while it’s challenging, the collaborative team at MWHC is always there to navigate new obstacles together. 


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